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NIOSH Agricultural Centers

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The Centers for Agricultural Disease and Injury Research, Education, and Prevention represent a major NIOSH (The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) effort to protect the health and safety of agricultural workers and their families.

The Centers were established to conduct research, education, and prevention projects to address the nation’s pressing agricultural health and safety problems. Geographically, the Centers are distributed throughout the nation to be responsive to the agricultural health and safety issues unique to the different regions.

Ag Center Projects and Contact List


Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health – Iowa City, Iowa

National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety – Marshfield, Wisconsin

Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center, University of Minnesota School of Public Health – Minnesota and Wisconsin

Central States Center for Agricultural Safety and Health – Omaha, Nebraska


High Plains Intermountain Center for Agricultural Health and Safety, Colorado State University – Fort Collins, Colorado

Pacific Northwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center – Seattle, Washington

Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety Center, University of California Davis – Davis, California


Southwest Center for Agricultural Health, Injury and Education – Tyler, Texas


Southeast Center for Agricultural Health and Injury Prevention – Lexington, Kentucky


New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health – Cooperstown, New York