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Grain & Feed Safety

Great video simulations of grain entrapment and grain dust explosion from our friends (and ASHCA members) CASA thru their new program:

Purdue University’s Website on Agricultural Confined Spaces Click on the image below:

ASHCA Board Chair Jess McClure from National Grain & Feed discusses Grain Bin Safety:

For a wealth of information and resources from NGFA on grain safety, click here:

OSHA’S Stand-Up for Grain Engulfment Prevention program:

Suffocation from engulfment is a leading cause of death in grain bins, and the number of these deaths continues to rise. These fatalities are preventable. Stand-Up for Grain Engulfment Prevention is a way of reaching out to employers and workers to get them involved in improving worker protection, reducing injuries, and preventing fatalities from engulfment. Check out “What is a Safety Stand-Down” (link to attached document) for more information.