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Branding Guidelines & Logos

What is a brand?

More than a name or a logo.

More than a name or a logo on an invoice. And more, ultimately, than what the invoice charges for. The guidelines that govern communications for ASHCA services are part of a much larger effort — to build awareness, understanding and preference for the ASHCA brand and ASHCA services in the markets in which we communicate. To build a brand that endures.

Building an enduring brand

A brand is a shorthand representation—often communicated in a single word or symbol—of everything a company is, does and stands for. That representation can be seen most clearly in promotional messages and in the quality of the customer’s experience in buying, using and servicing a branded product.

But the brand’s representation communicates other, less obvious aspects of the brand that are just as important. A clear promise, for example, that is important and memorable to customers. A distinctive, recognizable personality that is inseparable from the brand itself, informing not only advertising and communications but behavior as well.

Consistency is everything

Achieving the goal of an enduring brand requires a conscious, coordinated, consistent approach to communications and behavior. That approach is based on the understanding that every choice and every decision—not advertising or collateral alone—communicates something to someone about the ASHCA brand.

When the brand’s messages are developed ad hoc, focused solely on the needs of the moment, they have no lasting impact and represent a shortsighted use of scarce marketing dollars. But when messages are delivered within a consistent framework and reinforce the brand’s promise and personality, their impact can be leveraged to boost awareness and heighten brand recognition and preference. Promotional dollars work twice as hard, serving short-term sales goals as well as longer-term objectives for the brand.

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