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ASHCA Membership Empowers You To:

Have rapid access to safety information and training resources.

Access “one-stop shopping” for educational resources specific to your worker safety needs, including videos, printed materials, safety checklists; and contact with an Agricultural Safety Specialist.

Fund your safety initiatives.

Secure funding to implement proven agricultural safety programs and projects through the Safety Grants Program and/or request an ASHCA Letter of Support for your proposed efforts.

Join a community of safety-minded companies and organizations.

Participate in leadership opportunities and online networks for collaborating and partnering with other companies, organizations and individuals who put safety first.

Learn new practices for creating a culture of safety among agricultural workers.

Be informed of upcoming safety seminars, conferences and workshops and take advantage of discounts on ASHCA-related events.

Learn the latest the latest about “big picture” issues affecting worker safety.

Receive reports on current data regarding agricultural worker demographics, injuries and agricultural fatalities, and economic impact of injuries versus prevention.

Stay informed of fellow safety colleagues’ efforts.

Receive timely e-messages, bi-monthly newsletters and an Annual Report highlighting Best Practices in agricultural safety along with ASHCA committees’ progress reports; and have access to “members only” website information.

Be a regional leader addressing emerging issues.

Request ASHCA support for a regional roundtable discussion, workshop or forum to identify problems and propose solutions of local and regional concern.

Honor fellow colleagues for outstanding success.

Participate in nominating colleagues and honoring notable endeavors through ASHCA’s Awards program.

Learn to keep employees safe through corporate social responsibility programs and models.

Be among companies that support the safety and well-being of workers and worker families through programs that bring recognition as a socially responsible corporation.

Shape the future of Ag Safety.

ASHCA is growing and gaining significant momentum. Membership is an opportunity to shape important safety goals among many organizations and businesses, governed predominately by agricultural producers.

Join Today – Become a Member!