Safety Grants



The purpose of the ASHCA Safety Grants Program is to encourage and provide financial support for agricultural safety and health interventions at the local and/or regional level in order to facilitate timely application of evidence-based safety/health strategies to protect agricultural workers.

Priority Topics

With a theme of “strengthening partnerships for safety” the priority for ASHCA’s grants are:
a)Programs that engage both management and workers in the planning and implementation of successful injury reduction programs.
b) "Hands-on" training initiatives that will increase workers' adoption of proven safety practices and be sustained beyond the grant period.
c) Initiatives that reach under-served or high-risk populations, e.g., non-English speaking workers.

  • “Hazard Communication Training (bilingual) for Agricultural Operations/Supervisors at Six Worksites,” Roger Isom, Western Agricultural Processors Association, Fresno, CA.
  • “Farm Safety Education and Monitoring to Reduce Injury and Death Risk from Manure Storage Gases,” Thomas Eskildsen, Yates County Soil & Water Conservation District, Penn Yan, NY.
  • “Bites, Stings and Venomous Things – A Bilingual Resource for Agricultural Workers,” Amanda Wickman, Southwest Center for Agricultural Health, Injury Prevention & Education, Tyler, TX.
  • “Providing Safety Training for 120 Disabled Veterans Working in Urban Gardens,” Lovay Wallace-Singleton, Veteran Employment Base Camp, New Bern, NC.
  • “Development of a Sustainable Farm Hazard Identification Program: Building a Bridge between Farm and Fire Department,” Marybeth Vargha, New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health, Cooperstown, NY.
  • “The South Central Pennsylvania Anabaptist Youth Trauma Prevention Consortium: Providing Safety Resources to Anabaptist Families,” Ronald Baier, Lancaster General Health, Lancaster, PA.
  • “Sustainable FARMEDIC Training for Ag Workers & 1st Responders in Arkansas: Decreasing Ag Injuries through Standardized Training,” Brent Cox, Regional Center for Disaster Preparedness Education, Jonesboro, AR.
  • “Harvest Safety First: Training Equipment Operators in Six States,” Mary Beauchamp, KB Custom Ag Services, LLC, Ault, CO.
  • “Company-Wide Safety Training (bilingual) for 600 Agricultural Workers,” Gloria Bell, CAPAY Organic, W. Sacramento, CA.
  • “Farmworker Women’s Reproductive Health Project: Minimizing Heat-Related and Ergonomic Complications,” Holly Baker, Farmworker Association of Florida, Apopka, FL.

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Individuals, organizations and businesses can support ASHCA's Safety Grants program with financial contributions and/or "in-kind" support.