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Learning Labs

Reaction Timers – How fast are you? Test your speed against others and find out how far you would be engulfed or entangled, based on your reaction time.   Grain Handling Safety Coalition

Safer Farm  Safer Farm is an ever-evolving online tool that provides first-hand information about hazards, a process for evaluating hazards, and recommendations on correcting hazards. Its development is led by the National Farm Medicine Center with the purpose of making agricultural health and safety knowledge accessible and easy to use.  National Farm Medicine Center

Virtual Reality Tractor Driving Simulation in a Tractor Safety Curriculum  This innovative idea takes advantage of the growing interest in virtual reality to increase success in the classroom.  The VRCROPS program was designed to provide students within a traditional classroom setting the opportunity to view and experience scenarios outside the scope of their physical environment and into simulated environments they might not otherwise be able to experience.

Hazard Ridge  Investigate the Individual & Social Costs of Agricultural Injuries and Fatalities using a 3d immersive Video game format!  – Hazard Ridge – a rural town where teens are disappearing and the community is going bankrupt is the scene for exploring the community ripple effects of farm injuries.   Southeast Center for Agricultural Health and Injury Prevention

AgInjuryNews.org  Iteractive Display  Visitors will be able to explore the AgInjuryNews.org website, the largest publicly available database of agricultural injuries, through several mock-studies and analyses directly applicable to their work.  Visitors can explore specific types of agricultural injuries, different areas of interest both geographically and demographically, explore the integrated mapping system, and dive into the exportable database.

Team members will be available to walk through example projects, explain the architecture and theory behind the database, and discuss the benefits of utilizing media reports in agricultural injury surveillance.  National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety

Respirators  Come and participate in an interactive activity including respirator fit testing and respirator fit check methods.  The activity will also involve interactive interpretation of Pesticide labels and selection of the appropriate respirator along with deciding if fit testing would be required for that respirator based on the new Worker Protection Standards.   Agricultural Health and Safety Alliance

ATV Aware: Safety Concepts and Behaviors  The ATV Aware learning lab illustrates the concepts and behaviors behind ATV injuries, including ATV stability and crash prevention. It will also cover minimizing the impact of crashes through personal protective equipment and engineering controls.  Central States Center for Agricultural Safety and Health

Teach Your Way: Open Source Ag Health and Safety Curriculum  Come and learn about Invest In Your Health Trainer Exchanges where professionals can be certified to train on five AgriSafe modules (targeted for training workers ages 16-23). We will provides the instructions and training materials, and you will be able to participate in some of the interactive activities that are part of the modules. Under our open share platform, once certified, you would be free to use the training materials in your classroom setting.


  • Say What? Protecting your Hearing
  • Cover Up! Head to Toe PPE
  • Stay Cool! Prevent Heat Illness
  • Stop Zoonosis- Prevention of Zoonosis
  • Where Y’at- Hazard Mapping in Ag


Etiquetas bilingües de pesticides,  Bilingual Pesticide Safety Project: A pesticide label HS&E information in Spanish and English  Join us and use the ¡Etiquetas de pesticidas,ahora! Pesticide Labels, Now! app to explore and how to read pesticide labels. (The Washington state version.)

Hearing Conservation–What do I have to Lose?  This demonstration will include information on hearing loss prevention, demonstration on how to properly insert formable earplug, and a hearing loss simulator to experience what you would hear if you developed noise induced hearing loss.  Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health

Exploring the Safety in Agriculture for Youth National Clearinghouse:  Participants will be provided scenarios that require selection of appropriate training curriculum. Individuals will explore and navigate the national clearinghouse utilizing digital technologies.  University of Nebraska, Penn State, Utah State

Progressive Agricultural Safety Day  The largest rural safety and health education program for children in North America. Fun and educational activities which facilitate learning through hands-on activities and demonstrations.

On-Farm Safety Compliance…there’s an App for That!   The HeavyConnect Mobile App Experience will guide participants through the simple & paperless process of documenting safety compliance with Android and/or iPhone mobile phones and tablets.  HeavyConnect Inc.

Training for Supervisors of Young Ag Workers  Learn about interactive training and activities for supervisors.  Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health