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2020 Published Abstracts

Conference Abstracts: American Agricultural Safety Summit

Raising Safety 2020: Cultivating a Culture of Safety

Introduction Barbara C. Lee 

The Journal of Agromedicine is pleased to share the following 41 abstracts accepted for poster presentations and lightning talks at the 2020 North American Agricultural Safety Summit. Unfortunately, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic interfered with plans to convene the conference at Bally’s of Las Vegas. The host organization, Agricultural Safety and Health Council of America (ASHCA) received a CDC Conference Support grant (U13OH011786-01) and support from eight sponsoring organizations to ensure that event participants benefited from the sharing of research results and ongoing intervention evaluations. To that end, the Journal shares these abstracts of completed or ongoing agricultural safety and health research.

Describing the Burden of Injuries in the Cattle Feeding Industry

Suraj Adhikari, Risto Rautiainen,Mike Keenan,andAaron Yoder


Dairy Safety Kit: An Innovative Online Based Training and Outreach Solution

Elena Austin, Amber Adams-Progar, Idanis Cruz,Pablo Palmandez,Scott Dilley,and Michael Yost


Dissemination and Adoption of AgInjuryNews.org: a Publicly Available Collection of Agricultural Injury Media Reports

Richard Burke,Matthew Pilz,Emily Redmond,Megan Sauer,andBryan Weichelt


Quantitative Measurement of an Ag Center’s Outcomes: The Project Scoring Matrix

Mary E. Cramer,Fernando Wilson, Mary Wendl, Ellen Duysen, and Risto Rautiainen


From Mold to Mental Health – Creation of an Agricultural Flood Disaster Recovery Toolkit

Ellen Duysen


Effectiveness of a Low-cost Intervention: Changes to Cytokines and Microbiome Among Bioaerosol Exposed Dairy Workers

Grant Erlandson,Sheryl Magzamen,Julia Sharp,Ken Jones,Matthew Nonnenmann,Stephen J. Reynolds,andJoshua W. Schaeffer


Compliance with Recommended Safety Standards among High-Risk Farm Equipment

Rebekah Estes, Carri Casteel,Kayla Faust,Fredric Gerr,andMarizen Ramirez


Evaluating the SAY National Clearinghouse

Linda Fetzer, Andrea Raygor,Andrea Swenson,Aaron Yoder and Serap Gorucu


Pesticide Label Safety Information in Spanish and English: In Your Hand, Anytime & Anywhere

Kit Galvin, Pablo Palmández, and Idanis Cruz


The Epidemiology of All-Terrain-Vehicle Injuries: 2015-2017

Serap Gorucu,Bryan Weichelt, Gerene Denning, Charles Jennissen,andStephen Oesch


Exposure, Crashes, and Deaths Related to the Use of All-Terrain Vehicles for Spraying

Charles Jennissen, Kristine Schaefer, Gerene Denning,and Stephanie Leonard


How to Increase ATV Safe Riding Behaviors in Youth: FFA Members from Across the Country Respond

Charles Jennissen, Nicholas Stange,Cole Wymore,Mitchell Hooyer,Pam Hoogerwerf,Lauren MulfordandGerene Denning


Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Exposure, Safety Behaviors and Crash Experiences Among Iowa FFA Members

Charles Jennissen, Kristel Wetjen, Pam Hoogerwerf,Lauren Mulford,Karisa Harland, and Gerene Denning


OSHA and AG: An Industry Training Program for Agricultural Workers and Supervisors

S. Dee Jepsen


Respiratory Exposures and Diseases Among Agricultural Workers in The Central States Region of the United States

Anthony Johnson JrandRisto Rautiainen


A Roadmap for Delivering Child Care in Agricultural Communities

Amy Liebman, Marsha Salzwedel,Juliana Simmons,Katherine Kruse,andBarbara Lee


Safe Use of ATVs – Development of a Warning System

Peter Lundqvist


Health & Safety Education in Swedish Agricultural Schools

Peter Lundqvist and Eva Goransson


Developing a Social Marketing Intervention for Heat Safety Among Florida Tomato Harvesters: Preliminary Findings of Formative Research

Maria C. Morera, Paul F. Monaghan,J. Antonio Tovar-Aguilar,and Fritz M. Roka


Source Attribution of MRSA Exposure and Carriage Among Dairy Workers

Jessica Nunez, Stephen J. Reynolds, Bledar Bisha and Joshua W. Schaeffer


Improving Safety and Health in the Cattle Feedyard Industry

Jill Oatman, Athena Ramos,Mike Keenan,andAaron Yoder


Digital Migration: Will Digital Technologies Transform Hazard Risk Assessment Among an Emerging Agricultural Workforce?

Michael L. Pate, Nathan Moyer, Serap Gorucu,andCasper Bendixsen


Ideal Tracking and Analytics: Incorporating Modern Toolsets to Enhance Analysis of User Acquisition and Behavior on AgInjuryNews.org

Matthew Pilz,Rick Burke, Emily Redmond, Megan Sauer, and Bryan Weichelt


Telling the Story – Using Storytelling to Disseminate Agricultural Safety and Health Messaging

Melissa Ploeckelman, Ellen Duysen, Scott Heiberger, Aaron Yoder, and Stephanie Leonard


Increasing efficiency and reliability of agricultural injury and fatality coding with Standard Operating Procedures: Lessons learned from AgInjuryNews.org

Emily Redmond, Serap Gorucu,Megan Sauer,Rick Burke,Matthew Pilz,andBryan Weichelt


Protecting and Promoting the Health of Young Agricultural Workers Through Supervisor Training

Diane S. Rohlman,Shelly Campo,andMegan TePoel


Identifying Future Areas of Focus for the Grain Handling Safety Coalition

Josie Rudolphi, Brandi Rylatt, Catherine Rylatt, and Robert Aherin


The Next Generation of Agricultural Youth Work Guidelines: Process and Outcomes

Marsha Salzwedel and Barbara Lee


Surfacing for Strategy: Organizational Learning for the Strategic Development of an Expanding NIOSH AgFF Occupational Health and Safety Research and Outreach Center

Haaris Saqib, Sebastian Galindo,Tracy Irani,Glenn Israel,andDavid Diehl


Constant Contact ® Readership Analytics: Lessons Learned

Megan Sauer,Melissa Ploeckelman, Matthew Pilz, Emily Redmond, Rick Burke, Kyle Koshalek, Scott Heiberger, and Bryan Weichelt


Does the Use of a Nasal Lavage Intervention Improve Pulmonary Function for Dairy Workers?

James Seidel, Grant Erlandson,Julia D. Labadie,Sheryl Magzamen,Julia Sharp, Ken Jones,Matthew Nonnenmann,Stephen J. Reynolds,andJoshua W. Schaeffer


ATV/Quad Safety Findings from Evaluation of the Gear Up for Ag™ Program (2018-19)

Carolyn Sheridan, David Sullivan, and Jenna Gibbs


Logging Truck Crashes in the SW Agricultural Region: Examining Severity and Associated Factors

Eva M. Shipp, Amber B. Trueblood,Hye-Chung Kum, Tanya Garcia,Shubhangi Vasudeo,andMarcelina Perez


Chronic Farm Stress and its Connection to Health and Safety

John Shutske, Joy Kirkpatrick, Trisha Wagner, Lori Zierl, and Kathryn Row


Knowledge of Heat-Related Illness First Aid in Migrant Farmworkers: A Pilot Study

Daniel J. Smith and Valerie Mac


NY Nudging Dairy Safety Project: Re-engineering Best Management Safety Practices on NY Dairies

Julie Sorensen,James Carrabba,Helle Birk-Domino,John McNamara, Stephan Van den Broucke,Anna Meyerhoff,andRyan Todd


Perspectives and Concerns on Agricultural Safety among Community College Students

Victor Soupene, Marsha L. Cheyney,Kanika Arora,Diane S. Rohlman,andT. Renee Anthony


Assessing Facebook Advertising as a Recruitment Strategy for In-Person Workshops

Andrea Swenson,Melissa Ploeckelman, Marsha Salzwedel, and Bryan Weichelt


Development of Safety Scores for Selected Greenhouse Production Facilities in North America

Jaime Thissen and Paul C. Davidson


What About the Rest of Them? Their Lives Mattered too: Fatal Agricultural Injuries Not Captured by BLS/CFOI

Bryan Weichelt, Serap Gorucu, John Shutske, Erika Scott, Rick Burke, Dennis J Murphy, and Risto Rautiainen


CS-CASH Pilot Grant: Improving Agricultural Worker Health and Safety Awareness through Multimodal, Case-Based Physician Assistant Education

Carey Wheelhouse, Annie Wildermuth, Mia Hyde, and Wayne Mathews